Bollywood की इन मशहूर अभिनेत्रियो ने शादी के बाद भी रचाई रासलीला

There are many such actresses in Bollywood, who do not look at anyone other than their husband after marriage, rather they obey their husband, that is why they do something wrong after marriage.  Don't even think about doing it....!

But friends do you know that,….  She has kept extramarital affair and cheated on her husband, due to which she has also been accused of stigma.

Then let's start the video and know one by one about the same actresses....!

No. 1: Chitrangada Singh

Bollywood's beautiful actress "Chitrangada Singh" had settled down in the year 2001 by marrying "Jyoti Randhawa"..  Even after this, her affair is going on with the director "Sudhir Mishra",, that is why her husband Jyoti divorced her in the year 2014....!

No. 2: Neelam Kothari

Bollywood's most popular actress "Neelam Kothari" is also one of these ...., who has created Rasleela even after marriage, yes tell me, even though she is married with "Sameer Soni" ...., but  Let us tell you that even today her affair is going on with her first love actor "Govinda", due to which she becomes a part of the headlines in the limelight.

No. 3: Sridevi

Bollywood's bubbly actress "Sridevi" married film producer "Boney Kapoor" in the year 1996.  Didn't do it, that's why it was sported with them every day and because of this they got a lot of notoriety.

No. 4: Rekha

Actress "Rekha", who became famous for her dancing style in Bollywood, married "Mukesh Aggarwal" in the year 1990, but her husband had said goodbye to this world within a year.  After that, she had an affair with actor "Akshay Kumar", yes tell, during the movie "Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi" she came very close to "Akshay".  ....!

No 5: Yogita Bali

Bollywood actress "Yogita Bali" is also one of these actresses, who have made Rasleela after marriage, yes tell "Yogita Bali" in the year 1976, "Kishore Kumar" was made her life partner, but after marriage, her affair started with actor "Mithun Chakraborty", with whom she fell in love so much that she divorced her first husband Kishore Kumar and married Mithun Chakraborty.  From today they have been blessed with three children.....!

No 6: Malaika Arora

Bollywood's bold actress "Malaika Arora" married actor "Arbaaz Khan" in the year 1998.  ..,, with whom they are having a relationship for the last 5 years.  ..!

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