Marvel Studios’ QUAKE - Official Trailer

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Storyline: After Spiderman (Peter Parker) botches a spell opening the multiverse up, the only variant they end up receiving is a stealthy assassin who goes by Quake. While the timekeepers and Avengers are on her tale, she flips the script, attempting to take down each of Marvel's heroes. With Black Widow killed, Captain America killed, Wanda Maximoff missing, and attacks on Hawkeye/Kate Bishop, Quake is a global pariah. In the search for her motive, and history, the heroes realize she comes from an earth she's already destroyed and is going to kill enough heroes individually to leave the planet vulnerable to her seismic quakes. Can she be stopped, or is history doomed to repeat?

I will never be over the fact that Marvel has not taken advantage of their best character, and the incredibly talented Chloe Bennet! Agents of SHIELD is their best show to date, and Disney+ would be the perfect introduction to her, especially since they had no problem mixing Daredevil into a film. AoS was LITERALLY their first Marvel tv show, and Daisy was the first female superhero. Kevin Feige get off your butt and give her the spinoff she deserves.

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