PFA Full Form ᐈ What is PFA Full Form?

Mainly PFA stands for “Please Find Attached”, “Public Finance Authority” and “Priority Funding Area”.

Today in this post we will know what is the full form of PFA?

The most commonly used PFA full form is “Protection from Abuse”,“Physical Fitness Assessment” and “Pacific Film Archive”. Also, PFA has many Full Forms there listed below.

Mainly PFA stands for “Please Find Attached”,“Public Finance Authority” and “Priority Funding Area”. Now We have listed different types of PFA full forms in the below table.

What is FULL FORM of PFA?

PFA Full Form
Protection from Abuse
Physical Fitness Assessment
Professional Footballers Association
Pacific Film Archive
Partnership for Action (various organizations)
Policy Forum Armenia
Prosperity for All (various locations)
Please Find Attachment (email abbreviation)
Pedorthic Footwear Assosciation (est. 1958; Washington, DC)
Progressive Fast Analysis (Exxon Mobil Corp.)
Pretty Freaking Awesome (Internet slang)
Presbyterian Fellowship of Australia (religious group)
Planned Future Action
Performing and Fine Arts (various locations)
Printer Font ASCII
Public Finance Authority
Public Facilities Authority
Probability of False Alarm
Porsche Forum Australia (cars)
Partners for Africa (various organizations)
Platelet Function Assay (aka Platelet Function Analyzer)
Please Find Attached (email attachments)
Police/Fire/Ambulance (various locations)
Pension Fund Administrator (Nigeria)
Priority Funding Area
People for Animals (animal protection)
Parent-Faculty Association
Predictive Failure Analysis
Popular Flying Association
Platelet Function Analyzer (aka Platelet Function Assay)
Pulverised Fuel Ash (cement additive)
Pension Fund Association (Japan)
Psychological First Aid
Allowable Operating Pressure (engineering)
Polyurethane Foam Association
Prevention of Food Adulteration Act (India)
Public Fishing Area
Policía Federal Argentina
Power Fortran Accelerator
Pennsylvania Forestry Association
Perfection Fresh Australia (est. 1978)
Prime Factor Algorithm
Physical Failure Analysis
Procurement Financial Analysis
Participation aux Frais Administratifs (French: Participation in Administrative Expenses)
Premier Finance Australia (Australia)
Polish Falcons of America
Personal Fitness Assessment
Professional Financial Advisor
Process Flow Analysis
Presidential Families of America (est. 1995)
Physical Fitness Officer (various organizations)
Pacific First Aid (Canada)
Philadelphia Funk Authority (Lehigh Valley, PA band)
Palm Fatty Acid
Press Foundation of Asia
PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) for Android (mobile telecommunications)
Peace Facility for Africa (various nations)
Procurement Funding Authority
Profunda Femoris Artery
Plucked from Air
Polar Format Algorithm
Pedestrian Friendly Alameda (Alameda, CA)
Popular Front of Azerbaijan (est. 1988)
Protected Forest Area (various locations)
Public Financing Authority
Pierre Fauchard Academy (dental organization)
Production Flow Analysis (computer integrated manufacturing)
Primary Federal Agency
Project Finance Advisory
Parameter Field Address
Packet Flow Acceleration (Peribit)
Private Fire Alarm (fire protection; New Zealand)
Paid For Action (advertising)
Planet's Funniest Animals (TV show)
Pistillate Flower Abscission (walnut genotypes)
Post Flight Analysis
Personal Financial Analyst
Point of Force Application
Person from Abroad
Participating Field Activity
Phase Failure Relay
Private Facility Access (Hekimian)
Provider Financial Assurance Audit (UK)
Pet Flat Animals
Plain Film Abdomen
Planned Facility Account
Per-Flow Accounting
Premium Fund Account (insurance)
Poly Film Adhesive
Percentage for Art (various organizations)
Pink Fused Alumina (metal
Primary Feed Antenna


Finally, we have concluded that PFA has many Full Forms and we found mainly PFA stands for is “Please Find Attached”,“Public Finance Authority” and “Priority Funding Area”.

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