BMC Full Form ᐈ What is BMC Full Form?

Mainly BMC full form is “Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation”,“Bombay Municipal Corporation” and “British Mountaineering Council”.

Today in this post we will know what is the full form of BMC?

The most commonly used BMC full form is “Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation”,“Bone Marrow Cells” and “Broadcast Media Cluster”. Also, BMC has many Full Forms there listed below.

Mainly BMC stands for “Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation”,“Bombay Municipal Corporation” and “British Mountaineering Council”. Now We have listed different types of BMC full forms in the below table.

What is FULL FORM of BMC?

BMC Full Form
Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation
Bombay Municipal Corporation
Biomed Central
British Mountaineering Council
Building Material Company (various locations)
Boston Medical Center
Bone Marrow Cells
Bone Mineral Content
Business Model Canvas (business development)
Baseboard Management Controller
British Motor Corporation
Boston Municipal Court (Massachusetts)
Bounded Model Checking
Barton Malow Company (various locations)
Berkshire Medical Center (Pittsfield, MA)
Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation
Bulk Mail Center
Bryn Mawr College
Bellevue Medical Center
Belfast Metropolitan College (UK)
Blue Mountain College (Pendleton, Oregon)
Bicycle Manufacturing Company
Battle Management Center
Biomedical Communications
Behavioral Medicine Center (Loma Linda University, California; also seen as LLU )
Bolan Medical College (Quetta, Pakistan)
Bangalore Medical College
Brown Mackie College (various locations)
Billing Media Converter
Broadcast Media Cluster
Bulkhead Media Converter
Bulk Molding Compond
Bulk Media Conversion
Battery Management Control
Baltimore Metropolitan Council
Blackmouth Cur (dog breed)
Bay Medical Center (Bay City, Michigan)
Best Measurement Capability (laboratories)
Bureau of Managed Care (various locations)
Bryan-Michael Cox (musician)
Building Maintenance and Construction (various locations)
Bat Mitzvah Club (Judaism)
Budapest Music Center (Hungarian record label)
Biomedical Chromatography (journal
Body Mind Centering
Branch Medical Clinic (US DoD)
Beverage Marketing Corp.
Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire (French: Molecular and Cellular Biology)
British Mathematical Colloquium (UK)
Broadcast/Multicast Control
Biomolecular Computation
Bob Moore Construction (Arlington, TX)
Boston Mycological Club (Boston, Massachusetts)
Beard Miller Company (accounting; various locations)
Black Mountain Center (North Carolina)
Base Management Consultants (Abbotsford, BC, Canada
Chief Boatswain's Mate (Naval Rating)
Business Machines Consultants, Inc. (Van Nuys, CA)
Bibliotheca Medica Canadiana (journal)
Bio-Mimetic Control Research Center
Brittle Matrix Composite
Broyhill Music Center (Appalachian State University; Boone, NC)
Brethren/Mennonite Council for Lesbian and Gay Concerns (Church of the Brethren and Mennonite Organization)
Beijing SE Putian Mobile Communications
British Medical Council
Brattleboro Music Center (Brattleboro, VT
Bicester Methodist Church (Bicester, Oxfordshire, UK)
Beer Must Continue
Bangalore Motorcycle Club (Bangalore, India)
Boudu Mini Club (French Mini Cooper club)
Bachelor of Mass Communication
Bismark Mortgage Company (Bellevue, WA)
Bordeaux Moto Club (French: Bordeaux Motorcycle Club)
Billings Motorcycle Club
Bourgeois Medical Clinic (Morgan City, LA)
Broadband Microwave Capacitor
Block Multiplexer Channel
Bureau des Moniteurs des Calanques (French professional mountaineering organization)
Basic Manufacturing Cost
Black Mountain Conservancy (Cave Creek, AZ)
Bipolar Manufacturing Complex (Mesa, AZ, USA)
Basic Mission Capable
Bitch, Moan, & Complain (session
Budweiser, Miller, Coors (major US beer brewers)
Blanche Moyse Chorale (Brattleboro, VT)
Blind Mate Connector
Battle Management Cell
Breizh Mini Club (French: Brittany Mini Club; Mini Cooper club)
Barbados Marketing Corporation
Battery Maintenance Center
Bandwidth Management Center
Broadcast Management Center
Bomu Medical Centre (Kenya)
Bulletin Médical Calédonien et Polynésien (French: Polynesian and Caledonian Medical Bulletin)
Bissett Matheson Communications (Fredericton, NB, Canada)
Buell Motor Company
Buzz Marketing and Consultants
Belleview Medical College
Bay Management Controller
Business Clearance Memorandum (USACE)
Beckford Management Consulting (London, ON, Canada)
Behavior Modification Cell (corrections
Boundary Messaging Concept
Bridgers Manufacturing Company
Bio-Manufacturing Cells (Biogen, Inc.)
Brichanmumbai Municipal Corporation
Buhrs-Media Craft
Bone-to-metal contact
Beaulieu Maquettes Club (French: Beaulieu Model Club)
Belgian Matra Club (French; Belgian automobile club)
Burlington Motor Company (UK)
Bois Morts et a Cavités (French: Dead Wood and Cavities; biodiversity conference)
bmc full form


Finally, we have concluded that BMC has many Full Forms and we found mainly BMC stands for is “Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation”,“Bombay Municipal Corporation” and “British Mountaineering Council”.

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